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I have recently started to work with an iPad from apple. I find myself using the device quite a bit (even writing this blog entry on it). I find the machine to be quite fast and simple to use, but this post is not about the iPad itself. This blog post is to keep people safe while using the device.

I have come to the conclusion the best method to keep your iPad secure is to follow the same methods used to secure your other smart devices such as iPhone, and blackberry.

Wireless protection methods:
Be aware of who is on your networks (possibly my next blog post).
Use VPN services (also a future blog post).
Do not check email unless you know your email is secure (SSL).

The methods above are a start, but the best defense is to be smart on your surfing habits.

The other is element of security is physical security of the device. Please turn on your passcode locks, turn on the require password immediately, and the ever important wipe data after 10 failed attempts. I am not going to go into these steps because on the iPad they are almost exactly identical to the steps on the iPhone.

I have truly enjoyed the use of this device. I hope you have similar success as mine and continue to be safe as well!

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