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Some Resources and tools

I was asked to do a training for a group the other day.  At the end of the training they asked me to give a list of the tools i recommend.. I figured this might be a good place to also see that list.  So here it is.  If you have other recommendations let me […]

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iPad Security additional info

I have had some time with the iPad device and love it. That being said there is an old style hack that lends itself to this device. It is one of the oldest and simplest methods, shoulder surfing. This is when someone looks lover your shoulder to gain information or passwords. This onscreen keyboard size […]

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iPad security

I have recently started to work with an iPad from apple. I find myself using the device quite a bit (even writing this blog entry on it). I find the machine to be quite fast and simple to use, but this post is not about the iPad itself. This blog post is to keep people […]

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Some simple ways to protect your cell phone information

I was at the apple store today because i had to replace my iPhone.  It had a bad switch on it that would not let me put it in vibrate any more.  Apple resolved the problem problem my giving me a new phone.  This was a good answer for me as I have a phone […]

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Have you Googled yourself lately?

I know, you are think why would I want to Google myself.  How could this possibly be security related?  Am not so vain I have to see what is listed about me? Answer: YES, yes it is! Here is my thought process on this.  Social Engineering, it is a clear and present danger to you, […]

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Turning on a Software Firewall on Ubuntu (Linux): Prep Step(s)

This post is meant to be a follow up to Anthony’s earlier entries regarding Firewall preparation.  Anthony had covered preparing your Windows XP/Vista/Win7 & Mac OS X software firewalls. What about Linux though?  For those of you that just shook your head and asked “What the hell is Linux?”, it is an Open Source Operating […]

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Simple ideas to avoid being compromised!!!

I have been spending a little bit of time on some message boards.  These are areas where you basically follow conversations that happen on a specific topics.  While perusing these boards I have seen an increase in people saying to ignore links that have been sent by a person or that the accounts they have […]

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Routers – Hardware Firewalls Vs Software Firewalls Part 2 Hardware

Hardware Firewall A firewall is a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications. It is a device or set of devices which is configured to permit or deny computer based application upon a set of rules and other criteria. Firewalls can be implemented in […]

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Routers – Hardware Firewalls Vs Software Firewalls Part 1 Software

I am starting with the software version. Examples of this include: Mcafee, Norton, Panda, Computer Associates (CA), Trend Micro, and Black Ice. The above examples may be included in a bundled package but not always. They may be bundled with Anti-Spyware, Spam Controls, Parental Controls, and other types of programs. The theory is you are […]

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Turning on a Software Firewall on a Mac Prep Step

This post is here to provide information on how to turn on a software firewall.  It is done in preparation for my series Routers – Hardware Firewalls Vs Software Firewalls. Software Firewall I would like to start by saying please check the status of your firewall.   If you are on a Mac I have included […]

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