This Page is a list of resources that people might find useful.  Use at YOUR OWN RISK!


Never Run more than one Antivirus program at a time

Virus / Malware Removal / Clean up


Password Managers:

Secure Connections & VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Podcasts of interest:

Most safe for work

Securabit – this is a security podcast for the bit more geeky security types

Hak 5 – this is a high level geeky / security / hacking / reverse engineering type podcast

CyberCrime101 – The CyberCrime101 Podcast covers everything from computer & internet security to Information Security & Computer Forensics.

Wyrd101 – WYRD 101 is a podcast that is in the vein of morning show entertainment radio. Topics on the shows touch on everything and anything, from soup to nuts, pop culture to food, technology to social interactions, and politics. The shows are hosted by a close group of friends, and the citizens of the quasi-fictional, almost real town of Pungo, Virginia.

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